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We provide a wide range of technical solutions for your building. ARKTIS is your experienced partner all areas of smart networking of technical components, electrical installation solutions, energy management, lighting systems, and comprehensive security solutions alike.

Our planning experience enables us to develop and offer solutions through all HOAI service phases, tailored specifically to your application. Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, we have already been able to successfully implement a large number of solutions while relying on tried and tested manufacturers and professional methods. As a manufacturer-independent solution provider, we review our solutions periodically and examine new technologies in our workshop for and with our customers.

Comprehensive power supply focuses on your needs with cutting-edge stations, energy centers, and switchgear for a “turnkey” power supply solution. We optimize energy management through interdisciplinary planning without depending on any one specific manufacturer.

    • Medium voltage switchgear in any build
    • Low-voltage main distributions
    • Transformer stations
    • Busbar systems

Since building technology is made up of a vast range of systems, it can only operate smoothly if all systems mesh perfectly with each other. We keep you supplied with sufficient electrical energy of the best quality at all times. Our planners compile the wiring diagrams to match, to be implemented by our electricians in keeping with your needs. All of our cutting-edge, high-quality products for distribution connections are tested before commissioning.

Good lighting never stands out. Bad lighting certainly does. Our lighting experts have the comprehensive knowledge they need to shine the perfect light on any occasion. Professional artificial lighting will keep your employees and visitors comfortable in your rooms while reducing fatigue. Careful selection of lighting fixtures is vital since outdoor lighting is the calling card of any home. Decorative and functional lighting elements should combine for an ideal solution. We install all current BUS systems to let you control your lighting based on daylight intensity to save electricity.

  • LED lighting technology: Good LEDs may be more expensive to acquire but will pay off with their low power consumption and service lives that can reach up to 50,000 hours. LED technology is also extremely flexible: From company signs to shop window and office lighting to streetlamps, LEDs can be used in many application fields. ARKTIS will plan and install any application for you.

Our solutions for security management will protect you optimally from danger. Our alarm systems, access controls, surveillance systems, and fire alarm systems help keep you safe. We ensure best reliability of the implemented solutions and seamless support from planning to installation to lifetime service based on our many years of experience as a VdS-approved installer.

    • Passive infrastructures
    • Video alarm monitoring
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Access control systems
    • Time recording systems
    • Smoke and heat extraction systems
    • Intercom systems
    • Electro-acoustic systems
    • Gas detectors

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